Making Art

It has been two years since I began posting about making art within the limits of a muscle disease.  As I wrote, my disease of Myasthenia Gravis took over my posts and often took over my life. I have been pleased to learn that my MG writings did help others.  Three years into this disease, my current treatment regime is helping.  I expect to flip my script, so that the art will be a bigger focus than the illness. Thus, the transition begins.

IMG_6531   This morning, I renewed these. The double mat is a framed print of one of my watercolors that I created at the Oak Park Conservatory. The matted piece is an original abstract tree. Both are available at  I have grieved my losses in this disease. I am very grateful for what I can do.  I try to keep my attention on what is possible.

It is time to sign off now.  I am about to go through my things and  gather together some nice clothes to send to Houston.  There is no reason for me to have excess when so many have nothing since Hurricane Harvey.  The Red Cross is making a pick up at my husband’s workplace.  I will be bringing more of my art to jeriaielloart in my next post.

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