IMG_4007 (2)Entertaining myself with my double/triple vision is one of my perks.  Rooms fill quickly when I see three for one.  This includes people and objects.  Every evening, I view the same objects from the same distance to access my double vision. My doctor has directed me to do this. I do this with hope of seeing some improvement.  So far, there has been no improvement.  Sometimes when all of the objects overlap and multiply, I feel like I am privileged.  I have access to this wild and crazy animation that no one else can see.  If I hum the “Double Vision” song by Foreigner, my situation feels even funnier. Friends, don’t worry.  I have not gone totally cuckoo.  I simply need to use my sense of humor to get through some of my tough situations.

I first experienced these symptoms in church.  Suddenly, there would be several priests, crosses, and saint statues where there had just been only one. Spiritual experience? Tee hee.   Soon movie and theater characters also overlapped and multiplied.  I was able to adjust this by closing an eye and tilting my head.  My doubling and tripling moved to traffic, traffic lights, and signs.  Not funny!  I saw my  opthamologist. He quickly referred me to a neuro opthamologist.  I did not know there was such a specialty.

At my first appointment, I was given stick on prisms for my glasses. This was an immediate improvement.  My prism clings to my glasses in the same way that a holiday decoration clings to a window.  I am  grateful for my prisms.  With my prisms, images do not overlap or multiply.  This is not a cure.  It is a helpful treatment. I have read that people look grotesque when wearing a stick on prism.  I don’t care about how it looks.    FullSizeRender (2)

This all happened about three years ago.  We did not know that my diplopia (double vision) was an early symptom of Myasthenia Gravis.  Some patients have only ocular MG.  Myasthenia Gravis means Grave Muscle Disease. It is an autoimmune neurological disease. My MG plays havoc with muscles throughout my body.  In addition to my brain causing  vision changes. my eyelids sometimes droop.  Sometimes they droop one at a time; sometimes  they droop together. I have been asked if I can see anything because my eyes appear closed.  I am usually not aware of my droop until it is pointed out.  I have not yet needed to tape my lids up.  I know many MG folks do this.  It is an option I can use in the future, if needed.   FullSizeRender (2)

Sometimes I stare at my prism in awe of the  genius who invented it. I am thankful for the scientists and medical specialists who know how to help me.  Because of my prism, I can type this article.  With digital technology, I can stretch my letters as large as I need them to be. I can read and write again!



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